How to Safely Shovel Snow

February 5, 2014

Whether you love it or hate it, the winter season will inevitably bring snow. When you are clearing your sidewalk or driveway, always ensure you are shoveling in a safe manner. Shoveling snow can be strenuous as it can raise your heart rate and blood pressure.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Using the right snow shovel: Pick a lightweight curved or length-adjustable handle that will ensure a straight back.
  • Warm up by stretching: This is especially important since you are moving from a warm environment to one that is substantially cooler.
  • Push the snow rather than lift it: This will reduce the risk of overexertion. If you do need to lift the snow, reduce the chances of injury by ensuring both shoulders and hips are facing the object and bend at the hips, never with your lower back.
  • Take frequent breaks while shoveling: To give your muscles, including your heart a chance to relax.
  • Use appropriate footwear: This will keep you stable and reduce the risk of slipping.
  • The National Safety Council recommends: That those with a history of heart trouble should consult with their physician prior to shoveling.


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