Compounding and your pet: Making medicine a treat for your pet!

December 4, 2014

From the day you bring them home, your pet becomes part of your family.  As a part of your family, you want to provide them with all the love and care needed to keep them happy and healthy.  Your pet can often have a lot of the same diseases that humans do, such as heart conditions, cancer, diabetes, and many more that may require treatment.  But commercially available products may be hard to give your pet, come in the wrong strength, or even become not-so-available.   So what are pet owners supposed to do for our furry, feathered, and scaly friends?  The answer is custom compounded medications!

Compounding is the art and science of creating a personalized medication from scratch.  Ingredients are mixed together to create the perfect dosage form (ex. liquid, capsule, cream) and strength that is needed.  Compounds can also provide medications that are no longer available and cannot be picked up from a regular pharmacy. Together your compounding pharmacist and veterinarian can come up with a high quality compound that is as unique as your pet and tailored to fit their needs!

So what are the benefits to creating a custom compound based on your pet’s needs?  Any cat owner would be willing to tell you how hard it is to give them a pill, regardless of any sneaky attempts to hide it in food.  Any dog owner can see that the medication strength and needs of their 100 pound Great Dane wouldn’t be the same as for a 5 pound Chihuahua.  Compounding is a great way to make sure the medication is something that is easy to give your pet, is appropriately dosed, and is the right medication for your pet instead of settling for what is available through a regular pharmacy.

Various ways that compounds can be created for your pet depending on the particular mediation include:

  • Oral capsules in multiple sizes
  • Oral Liquids
  • Topical and transdermal gels and creams

Liquids can often be flavored with a variety of pet specific flavors such as beef, tuna, or chicken to make giving your pet their medicine more like a treat!

So for your pets medication needs, consider talking with your veterinarian to see if a custom compounded medication is right for your pet.  A custom compound could be just what you need to improve the health and happiness of your pet!



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