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New London Specialty Pharmacy allows you to focus on what you do best, caring for patients. Our staff works directly with you, coordinating out efforts to obtain the best possible healthcare experience and outcome.

Dedicated Prescription Supply

We have an efficient prescription ordering system. You get your patients started on their medication quickly. We offer fast, reliable prescription delivery to patients. Refill reminders avoid patients from running out and ensure there is no disruption of treatment.

Initial Consultation with Patients

When we receive a patient’s first prescription, one of our pharmacists will schedule an introductory consultation with them to discuss the treatment plan, dosing and potential side effects. Your patients become our patients. We work with them to find out what needs must be addressed to ensure they correctly follow their therapy.

Regular Follow-up with You

We communicate with you regularly, regarding patient compliance and adherence. Compliance is paramount to successful outcomes.
Prior Authorization Assistance:

We participate in most major insurance plans, and contact carriers directly to help expedite the prior authorization process.

24/7 Patient Support

Our pharmacists are available for your patients via phone 24/7

For more information about New London Specialty Pharmacy, check out our FAQ's, complete our online form or call us at 212-414-9755.

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