Julie Peralta

Compounding Technician

Julie Peralta | Compounding Technician | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)

Julie Peralta is a PCCA certified compounding technician who has been compounding medications for 9 years. Julie's practical, direct, professional manner allows her to be very adept at treating the patient and their specific symptoms, not just their condition as it is seen on paper. Doctors and health care professionals trust Julie's intelligence and instinct to guide them through the compounding process,
As a skilled compounding technician, Julie can compound a precise dosage at the doctor's order, reducing the risk of adverse effects. She can also combine multiple medications into one pill or capsule, so the patient gets them in exactly the right proportions every time. Patients with special needs, such as a gluten or yeast allergy, or averse to animal-based gelatin for religious or ethical reasons, can greatly benefit from Julie's expertise.
Julie also shares responsibility with the compounding pharmacist for keeping up on the regulatory environment, and making sure the pharmacy is compliant with its ethical and legal obligations.

Julie's passion for compounding make her an integral part of the New London team.

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