Avgerini Mouzakitis-Fazio, RPh

Vice President & Owner New London Pharmacy, New London Specialty Pharmacy

Avgerini Mouzakitis-Fazio, RPh | Registered Pharmacist | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)Abby started working at New London Pharmacy during high school in 1976 where she became enchanted with the role of pharmacist and how they were able to help patients get well. Quickly motivated to become a pharmacist herself, Abby enrolled in St. Johns University where she received her degree Summa Cum Laude in 1991. Still actively involved in education, she is a preceptor for St. Johns University, Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy, The University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy, The University of North Carolina, and The UKMC School of Pharmacy.

She is a member of the PSSNY, CSPN, and PCCA where as a respected member she frequently speaks and consults on independently owned and operated pharmacies.

New London Pharmacy and Abby are often featured in both television and print. Sought after for not only her knowledge of pharmacies and pharmaceuticals, Abby is also an expert on health and beauty products from around the world. Articles can be found in Elle, Lucky, Vogue, Time Out, Gotham, New York Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, NY1, many online blogs and dozens of other publications and media outlets. She and New London Pharmacy were also recently profiled in best-selling Robert Spector’s latest book, “The Mom & Pop Store”.

She has received awards from both St. John’s University and The Pharmacy Times.

Abby strongly believes in altruism and has partnered with many charitable organizations including the American Cancer Society, www.cancer101.com, The American Red Cross, The DeRosa Foundation for Colon Cancer, PS11 (our Chelsea neighborhood school) Afterschool Education Programs, as well as numerous community and civic organizations.

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